” I wish he were alive and in jail rather than dead and a Hero”, these were the exact words  by Marjane’s 10 year old friend who had just lost her father in the war.

I recently finished reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and I think it is really hard to express how resourceful  the book was in a few words .

Do you feel irritated when your parents don’t let you wear what you want ? Do you also feel oppressed when they tell you not to do certain things ?  How about someone tells you that you can’t wear the new Nike shoes or lipstick because its against the culture ?

To begin with this book is basically about what it feels like to be a liberal leftist in Iran during its period of revolution and war turmoil which lasted for about 8 years. Every instance, every real life account and every character makes you feel like you are reliving that period and at the same time makes you feel grateful to have rights as a woman today. To give you an insight I would like to tell you few rules that the author and others in the country were imposed with

1) You need to wear a Hijab whether you wish or not and your hair cannot be exposed as it attracts the men.

2) The schools were shut for over more than a year just so the whole education system can be changed.

3)  The author was caught by the moral police for wearing a trendy  jacket because it’s basically illegal to import anything from other countries.

4) In the art anatomy class the nude models were replaced with models in long veiled Burkha because it’s against the culture to show arms and legs.

After reading the whole three fifty pages book I ended up massively respecting Marjane Satrapi and her family who were evolved and liberal but had to bend down in front of the government because if they didn’t then they would either be executed or lashed.

The oppression of women and men makes your heart wrench in pain and fury but the author has so well presented in a comic form that it eases out the stress and hence I strongly recommend this book to everyone.

Note: To all the noobies like me who are trying to know more about gender equality this is a great book to begin with. Also I’m doing a book challenge where  I readcone book per week and the genres that I have decided to explore are Gender Equality and Artificial Intelligence so let me know if you guys have any recommendations 🙂

-Neha Kangralkar



‘I’ve  always avoided wearing sleeveless t-shirts because I’m very insecure about my flabby and bulgy right axillary’ and no matter how much ever arm workout I do it never seems to reduce. Yes! That is one of the things about me that makes me feel insecure and conscious but I’ve decided that I’m going to speak about it, out loud, and guys should too.

I was listening to one of Ashley Graham’s speech today where she was talking about a lot of empowering things out of which one was talking about your insecurities. And to be honest I can relate to it a lot and I’m very sure we all can because as teenagers(and maybe even as adults) we all have that phase where we are trying ‘to fit in’ and alter our bodies, personalities etc just so some tall, handsome guy comes and says ‘Hey! You’re the prettiest Girl I’ve ever met’. And I have done all of this while growing up. Watching everyone grow tall while you remain short was hard when all kids around you have lean calves while you have calves the size of others thighs was hard so I  tried following all those crash diets that google recommended and none of them seemed to work. The ultimate result was an emotional breakdown every alternate night.

It took me about 17 years to realize and actually see that even the most beautiful girls around me felt insecure about some invisible flaws. And that’s when it started striking me that it is our minds that are flawed and not our bodies because everytime we notice that we have some peculiar quality that deviates from the normal, we immediately categorize it as a flaw and start feeling insecure about it. And then we do the worst thing of all by ‘keeping the insecurity to ourselves’ and not talking about it. And if you have been doing this, then it’s  definitely the worst way to deal with it. Because sometimes its good to show your cards to the world, to show that you have nothing to hide and own everything that you have by holding your pretty head high.

So Come on! Go ahead and talk about your insecurities and vulnerabilities to your girlfriends and everyone because your flaws are your superpowers.


“True beauty is not about looking perfect, it about being okay with who you are”.

                                                                                                                       -Ashley Graham.


“I love my body and wouldn’t want to change a thing about it said no Indian women ever or perhaps just no women ever and if anyone ever felt good about their body and confident without much or more clothes then it is our sincere duty to slut shame them? Right?” said Riya to her friend Sana while their movie time was interrupted with a fairness cream advertisement followed by a weight reduction pill advertisement. Sana just nodded her head because its been 5 years since she’s been Friends with Riya and she knew watching television with her meant listening to a lot of stuff  on morality, feminism and unnecessary blabbering which wouldn’t stop even during or after the movie but this is the thing Sana liked  about Riya that she doesn’t  do anything just to please people.

‘Okay now I got to go, I have to finish painting my majestic stallion ‘said Riya.

‘Jeez, you’re a final year fine arts students and still keep doing cliché and easy things for your assignment’, said Sana.

‘Honey!, Its art and easy? Remember when you tried to just draw a horse and its face ended up looking like your boyfriend’s d..’

‘Shut up’, said Sana by interrupting Riya and both began laughing.

Riya then got up and bouncily walked towards the door gathering her stuff and opened the doorknob with her long slender fingers. She paused and said “ Okay, ciao, sayonara and goodbye, See you tomorrow evening”.

Riya was a  fine arts student. She was like one of those girls who you usually watch walk on the runways, Tall, slender, dark brown hair and a straight face and definitely kept people at bay. While Sana was absolutely different to look she was of medium stature and body, wheat’ish complexion and wore nothing other than her black tights and crop tops. And just like their appearance they were different at thinking and as to how a ‘Rebel’ like Riya and ‘tomboy yet obedient’ like Sana became friends nobody knew.

It was lunchtime in the college and Riya was sitting alone in the cafeteria(as usual) scrolling through memes and listening to music. The people around her stared at her like she wasn’t a homo sapiens at all but Riya was least bothered. The waiter brought her order which was a plate of momos and fruit juice. Riya was drooling and instantly dove in the momos. She had to eat well before working because it was going to be a long session today. While she was eating listening to her indie music her thoughts raced back to the time she could barely tolerate food.

Yes! there was a time when she looked at any food and instantly told how many calories it had in just seconds, she was like a calorie app in human form. Riya wasn’t lean like she is now, in fact, she was an average size woman like most of us and had a group of friends the ones that we call a ‘clique’. They all fantasized about the glamour world. During lunch breaks or free classes, they all discussed fashion trends, modeling opportunities, their new skin care routine etc it was all fun and entertaining until all 4 of them including Riya decided to participate in a Beauty Pageant. Well we all know how competitive Mumbai is and we also know that pageants are so unpredictable but these bunch of girls was really enthusiastic , they all worked out regularly and went on crash diets too but sadly it was only Riya who couldn’t qualify the initial round and she had a mixed state of emotions; she was happy her friends could make it through but was disheartened and wondered why she couldn’t make it. That evening when the girls were having a small party for their victory at the club, Riya was there too. She was just sitting there pretentiously smiling and tried hard to blend in the happy go lucky atmosphere but it she couldn’t do it very well and it was kind of obvious that the qualifying round had somewhere affected her. Akanksha, who was on the other end of the room felt really sorry for Riya and decided to talk to her and make her feel better.

“I know you’re not happy, you don’t have to act like you are … just for us”, said Akanksha as she placed a drink in Riya’s hand.

“I’m obviously happy for you guys, it’s just that I don’t get…. I mean why couldn’t I get through?”

“You know how beauty pageants work, the decisions are sometimes hard to comprehend but I kind of think its because of body type and all, you know what I mean”. Said Akanksha in a hesitant tone while watching others get on the dance floor.

“Umm, what do you mean”? Riya exclaimed in confusion.She knew where it was going but just wasn’t ready to take it.

“I mean I’m not shaming and stuff but it must be because you’re a size six or 8 but in today’s world the industry only wants size two or zero and you also have slightly heavy butt so maybe…… if you work on it you definitely will qualify next year or in some other pageant, for sure.  Now come on! let’s dance”, said Akanksha hurriedly completing her sentence so that she could join the rest on the dance floor while not realizing that what she just said had had actually worsened the situation for Riya.

“Yeah you are right I guess, you go ahead I will catch you In a while”, Riya said while choking on her own words. She immediately rushed towards the washroom and her tears couldn’t stay back anymore. Her vision was blurry when she looked at herself in the mirror and it ruined her eyeliner.Yet she stood there looking at how fat she was and how the food was her real enemy. Riya felt guilty about everything right now, for being what they call ‘fat’, for eating a pizza slice and drinking a glass of alcohol, or for just being herself. She instantly wanted every food substance out of her system so that it wouldn’t make her fat. Sobbing uncontrollably she rushed into the nearest stall in the washroom and bent on facing the floor, she put in two fingers in her mouth to try to get that food out of her through vomit. After repeated trials and several death like coughs, she finally managed to vomit it out. Strangely this act made her feel guilt free and better, she felt good to get that toxic substance which people say ‘gives energy’ out of her system. After a while when she had calmed herself a little Riya came out with a firm mind to get rid of all that fat that she had which stopped her from qualifying.

It all began with that one vomit and one decision.

Riya just couldn’t tolerate food anymore she started using calorie apps to know how many calories each food had and decided to just avoid food but she couldn’t do this at home so she ate little of whatever her mom made and then used laxatives to puke it out or lose motion pills. In less than a week the difference in weight started to show but it also resulted in her loosing her confidence and stamina. She was no more the strong opinionated woman instead she was now a self-conscious person who thought everyone talked behind her back and called her fat. It’s strange how or society associates fat with ugly.

Riya also reduced  hanging out with her friends mostly because she didn’t have much of stamina to do activities and every moment of social interaction was taking a toll on her insecurity and inferiority complexion. This went on for two and a half months and now Riya after plenty of laxatives and after enough of starving had achieved her ‘size two’ goal but even then she wasn’t happy and instead still felt miserable for some reason. There were times when she looked in the mirror and did not feel herself and she couldn’t stand food these days, it made her feel extremely claustrophobic and nauseated.

Meanwhile, Riya’s parents were worried and did not exactly know how to deal with this. They tried everything they could to figure out the reason for her withdrawal from social life and often eating too.  Initially, they thought their daughter is probably going through some personal problems,  By now Sana was worried too but had no idea why and how Riya suddenly lost so much weight.

It was Eid and Sana, like every year, invited Riya to her house for ‘Eid ki Biryani’ because Riya loved her mom’s biryani so much that she ate like she’d been hungry for years. Riya obviously couldn’t refuse the offer as Sana had insisted her so  much  this time. That afternoon It was Sana , Riya and Sana’s little sister on the table. Riya was very anxious and tapped her feet a lot because she had no idea how to escape this. In her mind she had already calculated a number of calories It had and though she wanted to eat she just couldn’t, Riya just couldn’t really stand the site of food and so much of it was so close to her , literally on her plate.

“Sana , there is this movie on Star world that I left in between can we sit in your room and watch it while eating ?”,Riya whispered in Sana’s ear.

“Yeah, no problem , I’ll tell ammi till then you can go ahead “ replied Sana.

“Also, can you please get me some tissues ?”, Riya said while leaving the table taking their plates.

Riya thought maybe as Sana was her best friend she would understand her weight loss technique and it would be okay. So as they both settled to watch the movie, Riya started doing something very unusual she took a spoonful of Biryani, chew it and then instead of swallowing, she spit it in the tissue . Initially, Sana thought she did it because she accidentally ate a cardamom or a clove but then she noticed that Riya was doing this with every bite. Sana was shook and she knew exactly what was happening because she had read about eating disorders in a magazine and now she could understand how Riya had probably lost so much weight. Sana had tears in her eyes watching her friend go through such a dilemma. She just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to confront.

“Riya, what are you doing?”Sana said in a firm voice while muting the television.

“Umm eating I guess, Oh this is a  technique to lose weight by eating your favorite food”, said Riya in a hesitant way.

Sana was shocked to the core when she realized Riya wasn’t even aware that this all was actually harming her. She kept her plate down and faced her. She took Riya’s palms in hers and asked her

“Is there something that’s bothering you? You know, this isn’t  right? Tell me what is it?”.

Riya as usual denied several time but after a lot of persuasions she just hugged Sana and began crying. It was hard for her to open up but today it was a breakdown moment for her as she had reached the peak of her tolerance. Riya was having self-conflict but she knew she was miserable and today she knew she had reached a stage where she was size zero after terrible two and half months now even though she wanted to eat, her mind and body wasn’t  letting her because she trained them to look at food like nothing but enemy. Riya slowly began telling and opening up to Sana and had mental peace after talking to Sana. After listening to Riya , Sana realized that her friend  needed something beyond her help, she needed to talk to a counselor.

The  very next day Sana spoke to Riya’s parents who were luckily of progressive mentality and didn’t consider counseling a mad man’s game like the rest did. Riya’s parents were supportive enough as  they really wanted their daughter to be fine again and look like a human being rather than a  walking skeleton.

No matter how hard and complex the situation Riya’s life was, Like any other human being she wasn’t ready to accept that she needed a psychiatrist to deal with this problem. And denied going to one.Finally, Sana promised her that she would accompany her until she was comfortable to go alone.

It was hard in the beginning because the first check-ups include weight measuring. Riya weighed herself every day but never did she dare to look at herself in the mirror because it made her hate herself and feel utterly disoriented. The nurse asked Riya to take her outer clothes off and told her she could turn around if she didn’t want to see herself in the mirror but today Riya refused to look away, she wanted to see herself even if it made her feel insecure or terrible. She stood right there looking at her self, her jaw bones and cheekbones were popping out. Her Ribs were so clear that she could literally count them and her back, arms, legs barely had any flesh left. Tears filled in and began rolling down the cheeks with self-hatred after looking at what she had done; meek and thin like a skeleton. The weighing scale read 37.6kgs. Riya stepped down , wore her clothes and walked out where Sana was there and she simply hugged her. Mrs Patil, Riya’s counselor knew about Riya was going through Anorexia Nervosa but she explained to her in a soothing and motivating way rather than scaring her by saying she has a disorder.

Riya stepped down, wore her clothes and walked out where Sana was there and she simply hugged her. Mrs. Patil, Riya’s counselor, knew about what Riya was going through, Anorexia Nervosa. But she decided to break it down to her in bits and pieces and soothingly placed her hand on Riya’s fingers trying to explain her rather than scaring her away by saying she has a disorder.

Sana and Riya were walking towards the exit after the session when Sana sensed Riya’s tension.

“Don’t worry, We will get through this as quickly as farts exit from your asshole” said Sana patting Riya’s back as she hugged her back.

They both laughed shyly breaking the silence.

The sessions went on for more than 3  months and though it was really hard  Riya was slowly recovering and had begun eating a little day by day. Riya’s parents were very happy to see their daughter recover inch by inch, watching her smile made their day and they could understand how hard it was for their darling daughter. Sana, on the other hand, didn’t have to accompany Riya anymore to sessions because now Riya said she felt better when she was with Mrs. Patil, her counselor. Last 5 sessions were left and they were all about loving yourself and making Riya feel confident in her own skin.

One day Mrs.Patil decided to do this in a unique way by arranging a field visit with Riya. She took Riya to her own college. Well, now the word had spread that Riya was seeking the counselor and everyone had been talking and assuming things. The whole scenario was just like Chinese whisper and by now her friends had abandoned her.

‘How long have you been into modeling Riya”, asked Mrs. Patil

‘ Since last year, I participated in few events but I don’t think I wanna do it again”, said Riya in a low voice. This whole Anorexia disorder had made Riya feel like she can’t get into modeling again, Because she was scared of getting on diets again or not caring or becoming fat again. Either way, she had begun to think she just doesn’t have the charm to get back into modeling anymore.

‘Of course, you will, You know you are a piece of Art Riya, you need to see yourself the way an artist does”, said Mrs. Patil as she halted midway before stepping into the classroom. “And now I’m gonna show you how everybody is a piece of art and like they say in Japanese  ‘Wabi Sabi-Imperfection is an art’ and a piece of art is nothing but beautiful, dear”.

They both entered a classroom which had round about 5 rows of students, 3 in each, seated with their canvases and art supplies. And right in the in front, the exact center  was a curvy woman who was sitting naked looking sideways with her legs sideways folded towards the right while she rested the body on her left arm keeping it straight flaunting her left profile. All the students were painting this lady on their canvases and making sure they don’t miss part of hers and make her look as lively and beautiful as she really was.

This was it. This is where she felt powerful and magnificent like never before. Riya suddenly felt a sudden lifelike energy gush in every vein of hers. She never felt so good about herself or her body and today it felt like not wanting to change a thing about it.

Riya was so overwhelmed that she suddenly had tears in her eyes, she felt horrible for making her body go through so much of pain just because she couldn’t match the society’s standard. Today she truly understood art and the meaning of that proverb which says ’Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’.

Mrs. Patil gently tapped Riya’s back as she saw her message was reached.

‘Modelling isn’t a bad field, it’s just how you take it. Every person has their own body type and the industry has all kinds of models these days if you’ve observed. You don’t have to try to fit in by starving rather get fitter and try harder. You’ll find the pleasure that you’ve been seeking for.So it is your choice ahead whether you want to get into it again or not.

Riya felt a lot motivated and didn’t want to abandon that field , because that would mean letting the disorder win over her. She decided to pursue it again but along with that she also wanted to spend more time in the nude art figure class.

That evening Sana and Riya met again. And Sana could sense that Riya was finally herself and her long lost friend had returned. They both sat and ate  Chinese together, Riya still couldn’t eat a lot but she was eating and that was an achievement for both of them. Riya told Sana and her parents about returning to modeling and pursuing it as a career and both of them were concerned but after a while supportive too.


Riya’s thoughts were interrupted by her cell phone’s message tone and it was time for her to leave for her session. Today was going to be a long day as immediately after this session she had a photo shoot for a magazine too. Riya gathered all her stuff and hurried, she entered the classroom.

All the students were seated in front of their respective canvases and were just preparing to begin.

Riya came out of the dressing room, removed her robe and sat on the dais with legs twisted towards left and chin held high like a fearless phoenix born out of its own ashes.











Wabi Sabi- The art of imperfection

“We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitation of women” -Naomi Wolf

Recently, I was at Mumbai airport and because I had a lot of time in hand I decided to go cosmetic shopping. And I ended up at a known skin care brand shop where the lady welcomed me with a smile. I told her that I was looking for a moisturizer that can just nourish my skin and yet not make it look oily. As soon as I told her this the lady began telling me how my skin is really dull, has blemishes, discoloration in certain areas and then tried to sell me the most expensive moisturizer along with other stuff. I could swear that nobody made me feel so self-conscious and terrible about myself. And that’s when I realized how desperate we women are to have the perfect skin, perfect bust or perfect body size.

Have you ever seen a guy feel insecure about other guys’  skin, height, or even body? (Yeah, they do envy because it’s basic human emotion but I’m talking about insecurity here). NO? That’s because the society doesn’t treat guys as eye candies and that is one of the reasons why they are secure and comfortable in their own skin while most women are crash dieting, becoming anorexic or depressed about their complexion.

It took me 19 years to disobey with the beauty standards projected by fashion and cosmetic industry and to fall in love with my flaws. I am not against makeup or size2 all I am saying is every dent or curve on your body, every scar or every freckle that you think is a flaw and imperfection is something that makes you idiosyncratically beautiful.

Go ahead, stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Just look at how beautiful that scar is, how beautifully curvy those love handles are and instead of being ashamed of them wear them like a badge of honor because you are beautiful in your own way.


For I conclude that enemy is not lipstick, but guilt itself; we deserve to be sexual and serious- or whatever we please; We are entitled to wear cowboy boots to our own revolution.” -Naomi Wolf


Neha Kangralkar


(I would like to give special credits to Gursimran Kaur( Rum and raisins on WordPress) for introducing me to engaging authors and also for discussing beauty myths which triggered me to write this article.)



Sorry Pappa.


It was a busy day and your dad was going through a lot of workloads but he didn’t dare take a break because his every drop of sweat counted, it didn’t matter whether his legs were sore  or hands black as coal all that mattered was the money he could fetch because he had to buy you  those books  and  also that bike you were secretly wishing you owned but didn’t dare to ask your father. But he dared, he dared of dreaming of watching you ride that bike with that gleeful smile on our face and with a black graduation hat . And suddenly out of nowhere he received an unexpected call which just said ‘WE ARE SORRY, BUT YOUR SON IS NO MORE’. That sweat on his fore head dried, he was choking. Trust me, that father who had the strength to walk miles barefoot on burning path had suddenly sacked down on his chair at once. He lost his only purpose in life and that was you. You took his only purpose of life, away. I could make It out from his expression that he wanted to cry, cry like a baby who was hungry for days yet he didn’t because he knew he was the backbone, he was the one to provide the shoulder to cry on to your mum and now to you as well.

‘Sorry, papa’ said your two-word note found next to your body. These two words so easy to read yet so hard to comprehend. Your father read it again and again but did not know what to say. your mother cried and cried but your father couldn’t shed a single drop because he still couldn’t believe he lost you, his only son, his only purpose. His mind was racing back through all those memories and he was cursing himself for scolding you when you scored a little less, his guilt had no bounds. Those two words that you wrote thinking you couldn’t stand up to their expectations were actually choking him and the more times he read it, the more he became convinced that he murdered you.  Your mum didn’t eat properly for days and you’re father stopped looking at himself in the mirror because he had completely believed that he was the responsible one. He misses you and  that money that he was saving for your bike and dreams was used for your tombstone which read ‘ You were a great son, I’m sorry.’

It has been a year and even today after your mother is asleep, your father goes to your room every single night and hugs that sheet of yours that you used to hang yourself and sobs like an uncontrollable child.

I know everybody who decided to end their lives must have been through a lot, in fact so much that they decided to end it by ending their lives. But to those who are alive  I would say  that  there is no lock that doesn’t have a key, there are no problems that can’t be solved or no mistakes that can’t be forgiven just hold on there and this bad phase will end soon like a nightmare and it will all be fine.

“The person who commits suicide, dies once but those who they leave behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terrible moments asking ‘why’ “.









Get back on the horse.

She went to bed, covered her face with the blanket and cried herself to sleep again. But as the sun rays touched her gentle face, she was a warrior ready to slay again.

Do you remember that time when nothing was right? Do you remember when you began crying out of blues for no specific reason? Do you remember when you had reached your burn out stage and wanted to quit at once?. You’re not the only one going through this chaos called life.Well yes, we all know, this is life.If you think it’s going to be perfect and as you planned it then surprise surprise! It’s gonna be exactly the opposite of what you’ve planned and yes it is going to suck.But you will always have a choice between keep ‘moving on’ or halt for a while, crib about it, blame the air, water, whatever and then ‘move on’ but either way, you will have to move on.So today I’m just gonna share a poem that’s been helping me get back on that horse(life) every time it has thrown me down in its own dump.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems  uphill,
When funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won if he’d stuck it out.
Don’t give up, though the pace seems slow –
You may succeed with another blow

Success is failure turned inside out –
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are –
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re the hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.

– Anonymous

I came across this poem when I was just in 8th grade and till date every time I’m having a meltdown this works like a  spell on me. So try it out and let me know if you felt any better. By the way sorry to disappoint you all, I  know you were expecting something positive and motivational but sometimes the most obvious have to be stated too. 🙂


What Pheebs taught me.

It’s been 13 years and let’s face it we still cannot get over FRIENDS! It was always a hard question to answer whenever someone asked me who your favourite is? but today I think I’m going to say ‘Phoebe it is!’  She has always been the weirdest out of the magical six but if I had an option to switch my lives with one of them I’d choose Pheebs! Yes, Rachel was the beautiful Hottie with a good career, Ross the one with PHD, Joey the sweetest, Chandler the god of sarcasm, Monica was organised and engaging but Phoebe was simply Phoebe. In Fact, Phoebe taught me some real life lessons:

  1. Don’t do it for money:

There are so many things that Phoebe just did because it made her happy like she played the guitar and sang not to earn but because it made her feel happy.She got along with Mon’ in the catering business because she enjoyed it. And of course, remember when Phoebe’s old mate came back and told her that they could send her ‘Smelly Cat ‘ to an Ad agency which could make her rich and famous and Phoebe denied. These all instances made me realise that sometimes the calculations and goals of life are beyond money. And sometimes you should just do things because they make you happy even if it doesn’t really benefit you.

2. There is no such thing as selfless deed?

Of course, there is. In fact, Phoebe has lived her life doing things knowingly or unknowingly that I think were totally selfless. Remember that scene where Phoebe decides to be a surrogate mother for her brother’s babies and remember that episode where she says goodbye by hi-fi’ing  to her three newborn babies? If that’s not called being selfless then what is? And remember that time when she donated money to get Joey on television? Sometimes it’s okay to do things that make others happy, it’s alright to not be self-centred and rather help others who are in need of it.

  1. You don’t have to try to fit in.

Do you remember how weird Phoebe always was?Like she cleansed auras, didn’t believe in evolution, claimed to remember her past life and hated it when the old Christmas trees were trashed by chopping. Throughout the ten seasons, Phoebe remained weird and that’s why she’s  my personal favourite. She taught me that you don’t need to change yourselves to find friends or your soul mate.Be yourself and people will someday accept you and love you for whom you are and you’ll find your magic beans too.

-Neha Kangralkar





Eating Alone.

She walked in the restaurant alone.All eyes there followed her as she walked towards the table for two all by herself in her big riding boots as she couldn’t find a table for one. ‘Such a beautiful woman and yet alone’ whispered the guy to his colleagues seated at the table right behind. She ordered her food and merrily ate it while the others were engrossed in finding why she’s eating alone at such a romantic ambient restaurant.She drank the last sip of her wine and walked away.  Why do we always think that we need a company to go to a restaurant, or a movie or some other place? Why are we always so dependent on the people around us that we miss out on good stuff just because we don’t have a company. Well! I know you guys must be thinking I’m terribly lonely but the truth is am a very social person and I love meeting new people and hanging out with my friends. But there is something that I have learnt is that one should be able to enjoy whether it is with people or without people.

Recall those times when you really wanted to catch that good sci-fi movie but you couldn’t go on that day because your friend cancelled on you the last minute and so you changed back into your pyjamas and grumpy face; day ruined. So what your friend cancelled? Why didn’t you go on your own?Is it because you feel uncomfortable with yourself? Or because you were afraid of being called lonely and being judged? Being able to be comfortable with yourself and spend time with self is one of the most important things. If you can’t do that then that means you are always gonna be running after people, depending on them for your own happiness and probably let them take the control over your life. I’m not asking you to be anti-social. All I’m saying is that you need to learn to enjoy even when no one is around because in the end ‘You are your own best friend’. And once you are emotionally independent nothing can hold you and your confidence back, nobody can ever be able to put you down or make you feel insecure because you will be in love with yourself and people will be in your life because you love them and want them and not because you ‘need them’.

So go on,  go to that cafe, that movie, that travel destination which you missed out on because nobody accompanied you, today you don’t need someone because you have yourself.

-Neha Kangralkar

The Unexplored Trails

When was the last time you tried learning something new? Something that you probably knew you would fail at but yet tried? Well, right now I’m going through this stage of deep thinking and analysing (where I’m basically just sitting and doing nothing, yeah that’s my idea of deep thinking). But  I have come across this age old formula of youth.Yes! I’m going to tell you how to stay child by heart forever and never grow. And the secret potion is called: Learning and doing what you haven’t. When I say learning I don’t mean reading a lot of newspapers, books, programs etc etc .All I’m saying is keep learning anything and everything.Say for instance you are terrible at running and worse than a tortoise. Take that activity up and set a goal and tell yourself ‘I’m going to prepare for that  5mile marathon and complete it no matter what’. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, you already suck at it so it’s not possible you’ll get worse after practice .I’ll tell you what will happen whether you win it or not, whether you complete it or not.You will definitely be content and happy that you tried. Mission accomplished. Now it’s time to go and learn another new activity.When I was in my 1st  grade I wanted to be flexible like my senior who did yoga so I began doing yoga and participated in state level events, then I wanted to be the fastest in math calculations and so I learned abacus , then I was fascinated to badminton so I played badminton for 3-4 years and the list goes on and  that is how I know swimming, German, guitar, C programming, Karate, Cooking, Bharatnatyam, writing and a few more thing. I didn’t master any of these activities my area of excelling is completely different from the above but one thing lead to another and though I didn’t master those skills, I learned quite a few life lessons and made plenty of friends too.

I know this idea might sound totally senseless to most of you and many of you might also quote ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’. But I think this is what life is all about. It will have ups and downs you can’t just always have only one field, master and stay up there forever. So make it exciting and fun by learning new thing like a 2-year-old kid. Let’s analyse this ‘ learning new thing logic’ practically and look at the pros and cons:

  • You will learn new skills, obviously.
  • Every time you take up a new activity, you will explore new things about yourself.
  • You won’t be afraid of failing.
  • By the time you die, you’ll have a great resume.
  • You will know your limits and definitely know that you control your limits and not  vice versa.

And the easiest way of learning new things is to choose an activity that you think you don’t know anything about and do it until you learn it.  So I’d say go on trying new things it can be learning a new instrument or Harry Potter’s spells. But just keep going on and on.


“On this new path let the heart be your guide,

     For the body is hesitant and full of fear”.



-By Neha Kangralkar


Disclaimer: This article is for those who are educated and liberal minded enough to understand what  I’m actually trying to say. FYI this is not for the hypocrites.

We humans are extremely proud of our transformation from barbarism to this civilized human race but there are still plenty of things that we aren’t able to accept and still end up being in the hypocrite criteria!

Oops! Did I just make some eyebrows raise by saying this word ? Sex is a natural life process through which a new generation is born, In psychology,sex is considered as a need, it may not be as important as food and shelter but it is still a need . It is because of sexual intercourse a new life is born and it explains why we have 7.4 billion people in this world. Yet we refuse to talk about sex like we talk about politics or accept it as a natural process like respiration. Isn’t this hypocrisy ? In fact, I think one of the reasons why there is increased sexual assault and rapes by teens or adolescents is  because we fail to talk about it and address it in public , and the more it is suppressed , the higher it arouses the curiosity in youngsters.   The movie censor boards in few countries are next level savage , they either replace the word sex with love or beep it , I mean why do you have to do that ? Do  you beep the phrase I HAD FOOD ? then why beep the phrase I HAD SEX ?
I think it’s high time ! we live in the 21st century , we should act like mature adults and learn to accept the fact that sex is a natural reproductive process and a need .

Do you know that the LGBT people are literally considered as third sex ? Okay! fine they are called third sex but do you know that they are also treated way differently than us ? They are  treated like they are mentally ill . Being one among them is not a disorder or disease , it’s natural . Whether you want to believe it or not , it’s the truth . I am a girl and I’m straight, so naturally I am attracted towards my opposite sex . But tomorrow if somebody tells me that I can’t like a guy because it’s a crime and I should rather start getting infatuated towards other girls.Will I be able to do it ? Of course not. Because ‘I’m straight by nature and not by choice’ , this is not some error that can be corrected. Similar is the case with Homosexuals and bisexuals.
And talking about transgenders. They are treated in a whole different way. We as people in some countries haven’t let them come out of their community or progress or accept them as human beings . Sometimes it happens that people though are of one sex tend to develop some other sex characteristics, and if that person is happy to live that way then who are we to judge and put them down ? I’m glad that India is progressing in the transgender’s case and is learning to accept them slowly.

It’s our mentality that every time a sanitary napkins or pad ad pops up during family tv time we tend to immediately change it to avoid the awkward situation. I don’t get it why do people over react to these advertisements ? Do you change the channel when a diaper ad comes up ? Do you change the channel when jockey ad comes up? No ! Because a baby  can’t control its peeing and hence needs diapers , wearing an underwear is something obvious then why can’t we just accept the fact that periods are natural and pads are a necessity.
We as girls are no less ,we use various phrases to indicate we’re on period , why can’t we just say ‘IM ON MY PERIOD’ .Also,  the  sanitary napkin companies promote their products in the weirdest way possible like you wanna sell your product to the people by  indicating  blue ink as period blood?  hello ! even the diaper ad shows  urine as blue and that’s why so many curious pre-teen and teens  think that some women can’t control their urination and that whisper is an adult diaper.

Lastly, I just wanna say that we need to stop raising our brows and jumping on our seats when we talk about these things and many others too. Sex, period  ,LGBT, condoms etc are just like any other words in the  dictionary , we need to stop hyping or over reacting to these and just accept them as some  obvious and natural stuff.